Does the blood of a true francophile course through your veins? Does your heart beat faster when you hear the phrase "Vive la France" ? Do you find yourself answering "Oui" even though you are not intentionally speaking French? 


We understand you, fellow francophile, and this book is for you. With its simple-yet-chiq cover bodly displaying a map of France, subtly accented by a white-on-white spine, soon all the world will know that your heart drums to the beat of the French national anthem. 

Joie de Livre

Size (Inches)
  • **Materials & Size**

    -Blank book containing 100 pages of Strathmore drawing paper - ideal for pencil or pen.

    -Measures either 4.5 x 6 x .75 inches (small book) or 6 x 9 x .75 inches (large book).

    -Hard-cover binding makes this book durable and sturdy.

    -Archival materials, book board, and glue.

    -All products are animal-free.

  • Ships within 2-3 business days.


Philadelphia PA United States